Youth Services

Wherever there are children, there are minds hungry for learning, legs stretching to run, and arms opened for love. The youth ministries of The Salvation Army provide educational, physical, emotional and spiritual programs to help strengthen a child's future.....and ours.

Leadership Training and Character Development for the Young
Children at Corps Community Center

Supervised activities await campers at Wonderland Camp this summer including swimming, archery, field games, boating, tennis, basketball and much more.

9241 Camp Lake Rd
Box 222
Camp Lake, WI 53109-0222
Phone: (414) 889-4305

Corps Community Centers
With a total attendance of 203,367, Salvation Army Corps Community Centers throughout the Chicago area provide worship, fellowship, education and recreational activities. In addition, there has been a total attendance of 13,088 at our leadership training and character development programs for youth.

Early Childhood Development
Salvation Army child care programs for low-income families provide care at nine Chicago Head Start sites. Daily meals provided gives children one-third of their daily nutritional needs. Medical and dental screening have been provided for more than 500 children.

Metro Youth Network
Young people participating in Junior Soldiers and Corps Cadets (leadership training). Pre-teen, sunbeam girls and girl guards participate in scouting-like troop activities. Scouting and Adventure Corps provide similar character development for boys.

Salvation Army music activities, include brass bands, string and choral groups for adults and young people