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The Salvation Army Evangeline Booth Lodge 
800 W. Lawrence Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640 
Phone: (773) 433-5710 
Fax: (773) 433-5770

When There's No Place To Call Home 
The Salvation Army Evangeline Booth Lodge is a haven for women and men with children, along with married couples with children suddenly homeless because of eviction, disasters such as a fire or flood, loss of utilities, domestic violence, being stranded while traveling or other crises. 

As an interim housing program, the Lodge provides shelter for as many as 60 families each night. The average stay is 63 days, but some stay longer, depending on the time needed to locate permanent living arrangements. 

Safe Shelter And Nutritious Food 
The Lodge provides a warm and caring environment designed to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by the crisis of homelessness. Many have lost everything. Others have suffered financial setbacks and their families are at risk of hunger. Most are frightened and confused. At the Lodge, families receive nutritious food, clothing, along with help to meet other immediate needs.

Case Managers Give Guidance 
Our goal is to help families move along a continuum of care to become self-sufficient. Our case managers help families discover the root causes of their problems. Together they work to overcome the clients' difficulties and develop a plan to bring stability to their lives. 

In addition, clients receive help finding employment, acquiring training or education, locating permanent housing and solving other problems. 
Activities For Children 
To minimize disruption in their lives, the Lodge’s Family Life Center provides after school services such as tutoring, game and movie nights. They also enjoy other activities such as arts and crafts, recreation, and field trips to museums, zoos, and other points of interest. Volunteers assist us by helping the children with homework and special projects for school.

Spiritual Care 
Clients are invited to participate in chapel services. For many, this is an opportunity to examine the spiritual dimension of their lives. Often, they renew their commitment to values they have lost sight of in their struggle to survive. 

Crisis seems to happen most often at night. A family's home goes up in flames. A mother and her children flee an abusive situation. The police bring someone in desperate need of help. When people arrive at the Lodge, they are usually pretty shaken. They need comforting and someone who will listen without judging. 

They come needing housing, but have many other concerns. Their finances may be less than they need. They may be struggling with a problem of domestic violence or substance abuse. They may never have had a home of their own. They may have medical concerns. Their children may have disabilities and require special medical attention. 

We care for these temporarily homeless people just as we would care for our own families. We see them as people who need an opportunity to get through a difficult time. 

Your support of The Salvation Army makes possible a safe haven in the darkest of nights.

Computer Lab
The Lodge has a Computer Lab to assist the clients with finding jobs, housing, also to help adults and children with homework.