Case Worker-Senior Services/Family Services/Chicago

Provide emotional support to seniors in crisis or in at-risk situations. Provide services to stabilize the senior through referrals and resources. Assist seniors with identifying services to maintain independent living.



  • Observes client home environment and interaction with family members/neighbors.
  • Records observations of home condition, family behaviors and relationships in readable and accurate “Case Notes” form.
  • Maintains contact with Chicago Department of Family and Support Services/Senior Services as necessary to coordinate client services through various agencies.
  • Obtains necessary documentation “Authorization for Releasing/Obtaining Information” before giving/receiving client information.
  • Keeps Chicago FSS team/Senior Services Supervisor informed regarding potential dangerous, emergency, or otherwise hazardous situations.
  • Awareness of Mandated Reporter guidelines with reporting abuse/neglect as observed or suspected.
  • Works with city of Chicago F&SS-Senior Services team and Salvation Army F&CS Senior Services Manager in coordination of WBC referrals.


  • Maintains a positive working relationship with senior services staff and staff from referring agencies.
  • Provides emotional support and assists clients through providing anticipatory guidance and problem solving.
  • May escort clients via public transportation when indicated, but must never transport clients in personal automobile due to liability concerns unless authorized.
  • Provides realistic options for identifying housing and/or supportive services for seniors and families.
  • As needed, may assist clients with very basic budgeting and money management.
  • Where indicated, may help identify a protective payee and locate outside resources for emergency situations.
  • Providing assistance with filling out governmental benefits, applying for assistance at outside agencies, and/or working with client to obtain public aid/social security benefits


  • Seeks and identifies community resources and encourages client to utilize them to enhance their functioning.
  • Encourages client interest in social activities and community groups.
  • Acting as a liaison between client and various organizations to facilitate communication and understanding.
  • Proving support during court and legal proceedings.


  • Maintains accurate case files for each case as determined by the program requirements.
  • Completes Time Cards and Expense Forms accurately and on a timely basis following directions by Senior Services Manager and/or direct supervisor.
  • Attends all regularly scheduled staff meetings and in-service trainings as requested by Senior Services Manager and/or direct supervisor.


  • Coordinates, assigns and supervises staff to fulfill assigned cases.
  • Provides oversight for all cases.
  • Accepts new cases referred from City of Chicago-F&SS/Senior Services and other contracted referral sources and completes intake form.
  • Reviews cases regularly, providing direction and consultation with high risk cases.
  • Initiates contact with the City of Chicago Dept. F&SS/Senior Services and Family & Community Services as a mandated reporter when elderly or child abuse or neglect is suspected.
  • Maintains awareness of applicable liability issues and other applicable legal issues, and their potential to affect agency and/or clients.
  • Keeps Program Coordinator informed regarding case related subpoenas and attends court when appropriate.

Accepts referrals daily from city of Chicago FSS CAS team and will consult with CAS team and SAF&CS staff for support when in the field. Administrative supervision is provided by the SAF&CS Senior Services Manager and/or direct supervisor as assigned. The Senior Services Manager is available for information and direction.

In contacts related to this position’s duties this individual acts as a representative of The Salvation Army and its mission.


Under general supervision of the Senior Services Manager.

This is a direct service position requiring close supervision. Supervision will be scheduled regularly to discuss cases, case progress, and case closures.


This individual will be evaluated on how effectively the outcomes of this position are achieved, as well as the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of accomplishing assigned goals.


  • Minimum of two years of college education or its equivalent, a BA or BS is preferred.
  • Experience with working with seniors, families, and/or caregivers strongly preferred.
  • Experience with a computer based work environment and an excellent working knowledge of Word.


  • Demonstrated ability to use initiative, work independently, and be a self starter.
  • An attention to detail.
  • A strong personal conviction for the mission of The Salvation Army.
  • Warmth and a strong commitment to helping people, along with acceptance of varying lifestyles.
  • Must be attentive to and work appropriately with culturally and socio-economically diverse client population.
  • Flexibility in accepting assignments with various types of clients and environments.
  • Good emotional and physical health, patience, and a high frustration tolerance, with ability to work with resistance and hostility.
  • Willingness to work with seniors in inner-city neighborhoods.
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills.
  • A positive attitude and the ability to be flexible in light of changing job situations/priorities.
  • An ability to work with confidential material.


This individual will only commit Army resources that have been allocated or approved.

This individual will keep the Senior Services Manager informed on all critical issues relating to their area of responsibility.

This individual will adhere to all policies and procedures in carrying out the responsibilities of this position.


This position is required to do light physical work.

In order to successfully perform the essential functions of this position, the employee is regularly required to use standard office equipment and a PC.

The work environment for this position includes a combination of office and field work including home visits and agency visits.


Full Time

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