Family Aide / Family Services / Chicago





POSITION TITLE:     Family Aide I – As Needed                 


LOCATION/DEPT:    Family and Community Services                  


REPORTS TO:          Family Aide Supervisor and Family Aide III  



Teach parenting and home care skills to child welfare families to prevent further child abuse or neglect, enhance family functioning and prevent the need for foster care placement.  As needed, assist foster families to enhance placement and meet special needs of children.  Assist senior citizens or individuals with disabling conditions to maintain independent living.



1.   Monitoring/Reporting


a.   Observes client home environment and its impact on the children.

                  b.   Records homemaker activities and observations of home condition, family behaviors and relationships in readable and accurate daily “Task Sheets / Case Notes” form.

                  c.   Maintains contact with Family Aide III, Family Aide Supervisor, and/or referring agency worker to report problems or special needs of the family.

                  d.   In consultation with Family Aide III and Family Aide Supervisor or Homemaker Program Administrator, initiates contact with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services as a mandated reporter when child abuse or neglect is observed or suspected.

                  e.   Keeps Family Aide III and Family Aide Supervisor or Homemaker Program Administrator informed regarding case related subpoenas and attends court or case reviews when appropriate and with their consent.

                  f.    Obtains an appropriate “Authorization for Releasing/Obtaining Information” from outside sources before giving or receiving client information.

                  g.   Maintains awareness of legal and liability issues and maintains professional conduct both in relation to clients and their homes/possessions.


2.   Role Model/Counsel


                  a.   Maintains a positive working relationship with homemaker program staff and staff from referring agencies.

                  b.   Provides emotional support and assists clients in problem solving.

                  c.   Serves as a role model and encourages families to provide a positive home environment for the children.


            3.   Teaching/Demonstrating


            a.   Teaches and demonstrates proper methods of child care including: from first day with family, assesses and corrects child safety hazards; encourages scheduling of daily activities; teaches proper hygiene and dental care; encourages parent to enroll the children in school, monitors progress in school, and supervises home work; teaches parents proper nutrition, good feeding habits, and meal planning; encourages good medical care, keeping shots current, proper “well child” and “sick child” care, and monitoring treatment when child is under medical care; teaches age appropriate behavioral expectations, and normal child development.

                  b.   Teaches and demonstrates appropriate methods of discipline without using corporal punishment; teaches limit setting; and encourages parents to assign chores and responsibilities to children.

                  c.   Teaches and demonstrates proper home care and home management

                        including: assisting parents in household organization and establishing routines; teaching methods of house cleaning including sweeping or vacuuming every room in the house and regularly cleaning the stove and refrigerator; teaching routine care and maintenance of the home, including extermination of rodents and/or bugs when indicated; teaching proper organization and storage of clothing and household articles; identifying household equipment needs and seek resources to acquire them.

                  d.   Teaches proper nutrition including food groups, proper food selection, and special dietary needs based upon age, illness, etc.  May assist with menu planning, and in some instances with shopping.  Teaching and demonstrates cooking skills and meal preparations.

                  e.   May escort clients via public transportation when indicated, but must never transport clients in personal automobile due to liability concerns unless authorized by the Family Aide Supervisor and the Caseworker with the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services.

                  f.    As needed, may assist clients with very basic budgeting and money management.  Where indicated, may help identify a protective payee and locate outside resources for emergency situations.

g.   Teaches special skills as needed and encourages clients to develop positive relationships with the family, the home, and the community.


4.   Advocacy


                  a.   Seeks and identifies community resources and encourages clients to utilize them to enhance family functioning.

                  b.   Encourages client interest in school, job training, etc.


            5.   Assistance


                  a.   Encourages foster parents or identified disabled natural parents to participate in treatment, school, job training, etc., as needed.  This is especially important in instances where such activities are included in the client’s Service Plan.

                  b.   Assists, as needed, with home management, home care and cleaning, shopping, and errands.


6.   Escort


                  a.   Escorts parents and children to appointments when indicated.

                  b.   Escorts parents on child visitations when indicated.


            7.   Administrative


                  a.   Completes Time Cards and expense forms accurately and on a timely basis, following directions given by the Family Aide III, Family Aide Supervisor or the Homemaker Program Administrator.

                  b.   Attends all regularly scheduled in-service training sessions.  Missed training sessions must be made up through attendance at make up sessions.



This individual relates to, and interacts with, a wide range of contacts both within and outside the Salvation Army.  In these contacts, they act as a representative of The Salvation Army and its mission.



Under general supervision of the Family Aide Supervisor and Family Aide III with minimal freedom to plan, schedule and carry out responsibilities within established policies and guidelines.


This is an entry level direct service position requiring close supervision and extensive training the first year.  Supervision will be less intensive the second year, with the expectation that after two full years, experience and knowledge gained will lead to promotion to the Family Aide II position.



This individual will be evaluated on how effectively the outcomes of this position are achieved as well as the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of accomplishing assigned goals.


Upon quarterly review of assigned cases by the Family Aide Supervisor, ninety percent (90%) of child/adolescent clients who reside in the home of a parent at the time of referral will remain at home.


Upon quarterly review of assigned cases by the Family Aide Supervisor, seventy percent (70%) of case closings will be made on the basis of Service Plan goals having been substantially met.


Upon quarterly review of assigned new referrals/cases by the Family Aide Supervisor, ninety percent (90%) will have been successfully opened, receiving homemaker services, and in accord with the Service Plan.



  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent required.



  • Documented experience, within ones own home or outside ones home, in performing a full range of household duties, including but not limited to care of children, cooking, home care and household organization.



  • Able to provide medical verification of fitness to perform all of the assigned duties, and medical verification of not having a contagious/communicable disease.
  • Honest, reliability and ability to work independently without close supervision.
  • Warmth and a strong commitment to helping people, along with acceptance of many         varying life styles.
  • Must be sensitive to and work appropriately with culturally and socio-economically diverse client population.
  • Flexibility in accepting assignments with various types of clients and environments.
  • Good emotional and physical health, patience, and a high frustration tolerance, with ability to work with resistance and hostility.
  • Willingness to work with families in Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and inner city neighborhoods.
  • Ability to work with a variety of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (IDCFS) foster and/or intact families.
  • Ability to write Task Sheets/Case Notes which clearly show work toward achieving service goals.
  • Skill in working with community agencies to achieve case goals.
  • Consistent ability to identify risk factors and report problems to Family Aide Supervisor and referring agency in a timely way.
  • Demonstrated ability to speak and write clearly in English.
  • Is sensitive to and works appropriately with culturally diverse client populations.
  • A willingness to support and uphold the mission of The Salvation Army.



This position is required to do light to heavy physical work. In order to successfully perform the essential functions of this position, the employee is regularly required to remain stationary for some periods of time; use hands and fingers; communicate; move; frequently required to position self to stoop, kneel or crouch; required to reach with and use arms and hands, as required in using household cleaning items. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, and ability to focus.  Must be able to lift up to 30lbs. Physically able to perform all of the homemaker services housekeeping skills (vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, laundry, dusting, and as assigned). The work environment for this position includes an office or home environment with a low to high noise level.



Position Ranking:                    FPT                 Non-Exempt




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SUPERVISOR/DATE                                                EMPLOYEE/DATE          

Date:  10/09   Date Revised:  1/11



The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church.  Its message is based on the Bible.  Its ministry is motivated by the love of God.  Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.



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