Homeless Outreach Program Critical during Extreme Weather

Staff from The Salvation Army’s Homeless Services program make their scheduled runs every day – providing meals, beverages and nutritious snacks to those individuals and families who find themselves homeless. They offer to bring the individuals to a shelter or a detox and rehabilitation center if needed. When extreme weather hits Chicago, the staff are even more diligent in their services. Continue reading “Homeless Outreach Program Critical during Extreme Weather”

Irene and Her Children Found Safety at The Salvation Army, Thanks to Partners Like You

Irene I could hear my brother and his wife fighting in the next room, and I knew it was about me. She wanted me and my two kids out, and I already knew who was going to win. Just as I expected, a few minutes later my brother came into the room and told me, “You have to go.”

This eviction was only the latest in a long line of personal setbacks. There was a time when my life looked different — I had a job, and a car, and I worked hard. Then the father of my children abandoned us, and things fell apart. I lost my job, moved in with my brother . . . and now that was coming to an end too. Continue reading “Irene and Her Children Found Safety at The Salvation Army, Thanks to Partners Like You”

Mobile Outreach Unit – Helping Chicagoland's Homeless

Harbor Light Mobile UnitMany of Chicago’s homeless and hungry are helped each and every day over a bowl of soup served by The Salvation Army’s Mobile Outreach Unit.  In addition to providing much needed food for Chicago’s neediest residents, the unit is a gateway to the many other services that The Salvation Army provides, including caseworkers, counseling, alcohol and substance rehabilitation, emergency assistance, education and training programs and employment services and referrals to a broad network of shelters and social services of the City and throughout Chicagoland.  Staffed by licensed social workers, the Mobile Outreach Unit conducts assessments and offers counseling services on the spot to help people get off the streets and get the help they need. Continue reading “Mobile Outreach Unit – Helping Chicagoland's Homeless”

Katie Had Nowhere Else to Turn

Katie’s had been a long, hard road. A single mom of two young girls, she had endured an abusive marriage and was then abandoned by her husband and left alone to care for her children.

Suddenly faced with providing for her girls, Katie tried diligently to find employment. But getting back into the workforce proved to be very difficult. She began working odd jobs, anything she could find to try and keep food on the table. But before long, Katie and her girls were evicted from their home.

Katie was terrified. She had no money, no car, no family or friends to help, and nowhere to turn. Then she had an idea: The Salvation Army. She had often put change in our red kettles at Christmas and remembered that we help people in need. She was definitely in need.

Thanks to generous people like you, Katie and her daughters received emergency shelter and food to help them get back on their feet. Katie soon found a job and even started back to school part-time.

Today, Katie and her daughters have their own place. Katie also has a car that is paid for, and she is almost finished with school. And it’s all because friends like you said “yes” in her time of great need.

 Please say “Yes” to another family like Katie’s.


“I was scared to death.”

Bonnie* had always been self-sufficient. A single mother, she worked hard to provide for her daughter. But when she recently lost her job, like so many in this struggling economy, her world came crashing down.

“I lost everything,” Bonnie recalls. “My house. My furniture. I got a storage locker and eventually lost everything in it because I couldn’t afford to keep it. I even lost my baby pictures.”

Homeless and scared, Bonnie contacted a few churches and other social organizations. But they could only offer a room for one night. That’s when she called the City’s 311 call center for help.

Bonnie was referred to The Salvation Army’s Evangeline Booth Lodge. At the lodge, she and her daughter received a room and a caseworker to help them create a plan for getting back on their feet.

“I was so relieved,” Bonnie says. “We have our own room, our own bathroom, and three meals a day. Without this place, I don’t know what we would do.”

Thank you for the help and hope you bring to neighbors in crisis through your generous support.

* Name has been changed to protect anonymity.


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