The Salvation Army Prevents Homelessness and Provides a Path of Hope for Clients


For nearly a century, The Salvation Army has worked to combat homelessness – providing safe and warm shelter for those who found themselves sleeping in their cars, under bridges or moving from home to home.

In 2013, Evangeline Booth Lodge provided more than 2,500 men, women and children with lodging, food, clothing and a path to permanent housing and stability.

The Army is also working with those in crisis to prevent homelessness. Clients can receive emergency assistance with rent or mortgage payments, food, utilities, prescriptions and other bills to help them remain in their homes.

Antoinette Chambers-Currin and her family were behind on their rent and on the brink of eviction. She reached out to The Salvation Army for assistance with clothing and food, but found a larger support network ready to help her. Continue reading “The Salvation Army Prevents Homelessness and Provides a Path of Hope for Clients”

Senior Camper Experience at The Salvation Army Wonderland Camp

Recently this letter was received in our office from one of our Wonderland campers.  We wanted to share her experience with you…

Hello, I was just at Senior Camp the fourth time. What a wonderful time we had!  The Lord was surely watching over all of us.

In 1963 my children and I first experienced camp.  A wonderful nurse from Infant Welfare came to visit me and she asked if I would like to come to camp with my four children, age one, three, five and six.  Away we went.  We traveled with our brown shopping bags.  Our first vacation!  What a surprise when we arrived in that yellow school bus. The beauty was all around us.  The cabin was to us as nice as a Holiday Inn, with its ten cots. The air conditioner was the windows, the heat was when I closed the windows.  I thought this was great.  My children could run and play.  Along came the counselors.  They took the six and five year olds, then they took the three year old.  Wow, I only had to take care of the one year old. Continue reading “Senior Camper Experience at The Salvation Army Wonderland Camp”

A Client's Story From Family Services Suburban Community Counseling Program

Written by:  Caitlyn Quinn

John and Carmen are seeking couple counseling to rebuild their relationship after years of drug abuse and John’s recent return from a two year stint in prison. The counseling goals the couple developed included being more respectful of each other and learning to compromise. They both agree that they fight over “nothing”. They tend to get on each others’ nerves and push each others’ buttons. Carmen will often shut down for days at a time while John wants to talk about the argument and try to fix the problem. Carmen would like her feelings validated. John admits he tries to solve the problems for Carmen rather than listening when she needs to vent.

Within the first four sessions John and Carmen appear to have made significant progress. Carmen expressed that she enjoys coming to therapy because she feels it is a safe environment where she can share what she is thinking and feeling without having to worry about being judged.  John agreed that the time they spend in therapy has been beneficial. Carmen has begun to talk with John more rather than just tuning him out. John provides Carmen with more time to express herself.

A strong therapeutic relationship has created a positive environment to support this couple’s growth and work towards their therapeutic goals.

For further information about our counseling programs in the City of Chicago, please call (773) 433-5735.

For further information about our counseling programs in the suburbs, please call (847) 392-0265.

* The names above have been changed for privacy.

Black Women’s Expo Holds Food Drive for The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division

Black Women's ExpoThe continuing high unemployment and the weakened economy are taking a heavy toll on many families and individuals in the Greater Chicago area, as elsewhere in the country. At the Salvation Army Metropolitan Division, which serves people in need in the Greater Chicago area, Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana, requests for all types of assistance— especially assistance with groceries—have skyrocketed.The Black Women’s Expo, to be held July 30-August 1 at McCormick Place West, is helping The Salvation Army stock its food pantries with non-perishable food. Attendees will be contributing non-perishable food items – such as peanut butter, canned goods, and cereal – to the Army to help feed the hungry people in Chicago and the suburbs. For their good deeds, attendees will receive a discount on the cost of their admission to the Expo.