I Must Be on the Naughty List

I-Must-Be-On-The-Naughty-List-250x250Christmas was coming, and little Jeff was crying.

When a Salvation Army worker asked what was wrong, he said, “I’m just hoping I make Santa’s nice list this year. I must always be on the naughty list, because Santa

never comes.”

How heartbreaking, the worker thought.

Jeff’s problem, of course, wasn’t naughtiness at all. His problem was poverty. His mom simply couldn’t afford to buy presents for her kids. Continue reading “I Must Be on the Naughty List”

She Got a Head Start…

Story-3-Head-Start-200x200pxWanda Stevenson was just 15 in 1970 when she did an internship with Head Start, working with preschoolers, as part of her high school graduation requirement.

More than four decades later, she’s still working with the organization, now as a teacher with The Salvation Army’s New Hope Head Start program. For her career of service, Stevenson was recently honored as the Illinois Head Start Association’s Teacher of the Year.

Stevenson, who put her own children through Head Start, has been teaching in The Salvation Army’s childcare programs for 33 years. She says it’s been a “wonderful opportunity to serve children and their families from diverse cultures.” She works primarily with African-Americans and Hispanics, and says she has “gained much from years of experience working in a bilingual and diverse cultural environment.”  Continue reading “She Got a Head Start…”

Summer Camp is the Best!

Story-1-MAIN-Summer-Camp-200x200pxBefore long, summer vacation will be here. And thanks to you, that means two very important words for many Chicago-area children: SUMMER CAMP!

Just ask Brianna (11), Arianna (9), and Jayden (8), who had the time of their lives last summer at The Salvation Army’s Wonderland Camp.

As soon as they boarded the bus in their gritty Englewood neighborhood for the two-hour ride to camp, all three were giddy with excitement.

“The first night we had a campfire,” says Brianna. “I made s’mores for the first time!”  Continue reading “Summer Camp is the Best!”