The Story of Bunny Honeyman

“Take her home. Make her feel happy. She’s going to die by age 13.” These are the words a worried mother was told by a doctor.

Bonita “Bunny” Honeyman’s story begins on Easter when she was born into a loving family that nicknamed her after the Easter bunny. Unfortunately, at age 7, Bunny started to experience a loss of vision. People did not believe her and each day became harder to see. By the time Bunny turned 11 years old, her muscles were deteriorating as well and she started using a wheelchair. Doctors told Bunny she had an unknown genetic disorder effecting her muscles and sight. They said there was no hope. By age 21, Bunny miraculously worked herself off the wheelchair and into a walker. At the age of 30, doctors properly diagnosed Bunny with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a retinal degeneration disease which has left her with less than 1% of vision. Continue reading “The Story of Bunny Honeyman”