How West Monroe Partners Gets More by Giving More During National Day of Change

West Monroe Partners is a valued volunteer partner, donating time and talents to Salvation Army’s programs. Recently they spent a day at several Army sites. This is their blog about their experience. You can learn more about West Monroe Partners here. This post was written by Megan McKitterick.

This year, for West Monroe’s National Day of Change (NDOC), I had the opportunity to volunteer with The Salvation Army on a beautification project at the Chicago Temple Corps Community Center and Booth Manor Senior Residences. The Salvation Army was a perfect partner for NDOC because of its significant local impact through the Chicagoland area and our long-standing partnership with them.

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Clyde’s Donuts and The Salvation Army: A Sweet Combination

This blog post has been provided by Clyde’s Donuts, our Donut Day partner in Chicagoland. The local bakery provides tasty donuts for grocery stores and other retail outlets throughout the Chicagoland area. If you’ve picked up a donut at Jewel-Osco, you’ve had a Clyde’s!

Herman Seekamp introduced Clyde’s Delicious Donuts in 1920, just a few years after The Salvation Army’s Donut Lassies started making the treats in France. His goal was to serve high quality donuts directly to coffee shops and restaurants throughout Chicago. By the 1930s, delivery trucks would leave the first location at 633 W. Webster Street daily, making stops throughout the downtown Chicago area.

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Salvation Army and Clyde’s Donuts Celebrate Donut Day

Donut Day is upon us again, so its time to celebrate the sweet treats with a special meaning.

Donut Day recognizes the special Salvation Army Donut Lassies who served coffee and donuts to soldiers in the trenches during World War I. Rations were poor and warfare was so stressful that the donut was conceived as a means of bringing the soldiers cheer. The Lassies also offered comfort and spiritual aid, as well as paper, envelopes and stamps so the mend could write home. The Salvation Army continued to serve the donuts and provide care to American soldiers during World War II.

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Volunteering for Our Vets

This guest blog was provided by The Salvation Army’s Women’s Ministries, which organizes special employee volunteer events to serve veterans in our local communities throughout the year. 

The Salvation Army has a long history of supporting the United States military.  During World War I, The Salvation Army famously served donuts to the troops fighting in France.  Their goal was to provide warm fresh food to satisfy the physical hunger of the soldiers, but more than that, they strove to build moral, show love, and feed the spiritual hunger of the weary soldiers during that difficult time. Since that time, we have served during all major wars, and have supported our vets when they’ve come home.

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