Time to Get Kids Ready to Go Back to School

As children begin to go back to school, there are a lot of details for parents to take care of: school supplies, physicals, clothing and more. This is a lot to handle for any family, but much more difficult for families with limited means. The Salvation Army hosts back-to-school fairs at most of their community centers to prepare kids for the upcoming school year.

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Salvation Army Serves Residents of Apartment Fire at Multi-Agency Response Event

When a fire engulfed more than 90 apartments in Prospect Heights, families lost everything – clothing, pictures, furniture, state-issued identification and more. The Salvation Army was there to support the firefighters and the survivors, offering food, beverages and comfort.

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From Sadness Comes Hope

Sometimes life hits, and it hits hard. One day the sun is out and you’re humming a tune, and the next day you’ve lost your job and a family member becomes seriously ill. That’s sort of what happened to Marisol Vega.

More than two years ago, she was working at The Salvation Army’s Evangeline Booth Lodge family shelter as an overnight shift monitor. She was charged with making sure the families remained safe and handled any issues during the night. “I loved what I did,” she said. “I gave my heart and my soul to the clients.”

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Summer Camp: Where Kids Can be Kids

The Salvation Army’s Wonderland Camp is located just over the border in Wisconsin. On a side street nestled behind tall leafy trees, you would miss the turnoff if you weren’t looking. But when you get there, you’re transported into a world where kids can be kids — away from the scorching pavement and the violence. Log cabins, hiking trails, archery and a lake for fishing and boating provide Chicago’s children a respite from their everyday lives.

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