Total Living Network, Comcast Bring Cheer to the Needy

Support The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle CampaignTotal Living Network (TLN) and Comcast are partnering with The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division to provide holiday food baskets and gifts to people in need. Faith-based Total Living Network and Chicagoland’s largest cable provider Comcast are launching media campaigns asking viewers to “Please Don’t Forget” the less fortunate this holiday season and soliciting donations for The Salvation Army’s holiday outreach to the needy.Because of efficiencies, such as purchasing food and gifts in bulk and having some food and gifts donated, The Salvation Army can provide a traditional holiday dinner and gifts for a family of four for $60.


At His Darkest Moments, He Had Army of Help

REPOST OF CHICAGO SUNTIMES ARTICLEAfter 15 years, homeless man finally gave recovery a chance

October 31, 2009

BY MARK BROWN Sun-Times Columnist

Michael Chambers’ family long ago gave him up for dead, believing he’d been killed in a street fight. You could hardly blame them: Chambers had certainly given up on himself, if not on life itself.Dropping out of regular society, he’d taken up residence among the homeless people on Lower Wacker Drive, slowly drinking away his life.It was a bleak existence, yet it had its appeal to Chambers, chiefly that he was free: no rules to follow, no bills to pay, nobody to whom he must answer.Still, some little part of him always wanted to see his son and daughter again, always hoped he might yet find a way to salvage what was left of his life.Before he could move himself to act, though, there would be another bottle of vodka to empty, another drinking binge to sleep off, another day to kill.It went on like this for 15 years, Chambers says, long enough to develop his own survival routines.To bathe and clean his clothes, he’d collect water dripping from the pipes beneath the Hyatt Regency Hotel near where the homeless people sleep on the sidewalk. One bucket would be placed strategically beneath the hot water drip, another beneath the cold water.Read More


Testimonials in a Time of Need

From domestic violence, no Christmas, living on Lower Wacker Drive and surviving a violent southside community in Chicago; we’ve highlighted stories of five individuals, and how The Salvation Army has been there in a time of need.[youtube=]


J.C. Penney and The Salvation Army Online Angel Giving Tree Program

J.C. PENNEY AND THE SALVATION ARMY LAUNCH LARGEST ONLINE ANGEL GIVING TREE Launches Today to Help Children and Seniors in Need This Christmas JCP AngelPLANO, Texas (Nov. 2, 2009) – J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE: JCP) and The Salvation Army are joining forces this Christmas season to give joy to people in need through a grand-scale online Angel Giving Tree program. From now until December 14, for the first-time ever, customers can adopt and shop online for Angels at, providing tens of thousands of children and seniors facing hardship in communities across the country with Christmas gifts. “In a year when so many need help, the new online Angel Giving Tree program will extend our reach and make it easier for our customers and Associates to give back this holiday season,” said Mike Boylson, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for JCPenney. “By leveraging the strength of, we are helping to modernize an American tradition – the Angel Tree program – and creating an innovative way to help families in need in our communities across the nation. Launching this program with The Salvation Army allows us to elevate our support for a cause that is extremely important to our customers and Associates, underscoring our focus on the ‘Joy of Giving’ this holiday season.”The new online Angel Giving Tree program builds on the legacy of The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program that has been in operation for more than 40 years.Read More | Adopt an Angel

Reality Check: Kids, Families Homeless in Chicago

Story Courtesy of NBC 5 Chicago

As many of us look at the shrinking value of our retirement funds and savings accounts, perhaps a reality check is in order. There is, after all, a huge part of this society, for whom the economic bust means very little. They never knew there was a boom to begin with.

The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless estimates at least 73,000 people are homeless in Chicago. Of those, more than 26,000 are children in families, more than 12,000 are adults in families, and 32,000 are single adults, the agency said. More than 54,000 live on the streets in cars, abandoned buildings, or in some other location that cannot be classified as a “fixed residence,” according to CCH.

“If you are hungry and you haven’t had something to eat for several days, your pride sort of has to be lost, to get something to eat,” said Captain Nancy Powers of the Salvation Army. “People don’t understand how fortunate they are, that they’re looking at a reduction in their savings accounts.”

The Salvation Army hits the streets every day, operating feeding programs that provide hot meals to hundreds of needy Chicagoans. Other Army programs provide low cost or free clothing, and the agency’s food pantries are doing a bigger business than ever. Some of the Army’s programs have seen increases of as much as 125 percent, a spokesman said.

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