The Salvation Army Assists Survivors of California Wildfires

 The Salvation Army’s Southern California Division is assisting residents who fled their homes due to wildfires and who are being housed temporarily at five shelters.In northeast Los Angeles County, Army disaster staff and volunteers are feeding more than 60 people at a shelter at a local high school. They had fled the Station fire, the largest of eight blazes that have forced thousands of California residents from their homes.Additionally, the Army is providing meals to fire survivors at a Santa Clarita high school shelter and at three other shelters.View photos from The Salvation Army – Southern California Division


Picture 1573Preparing children for a new school year is stressful for most parents, even in the best of economic times. But for parents who have lost their jobs or are trying to make ends meet on shrinking incomes, this time of year is especially stressful. The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division understands the plight of cash-strapped households and partnered with Target and Cardinal Fitness to assist parents to get their children ready for school.The Army organized a shopping spree for 200 kindergarteners through sixth-graders with a $25,000 grant from Target. Accompanied by chaperones – one per child – children shopped to their heart’s content, filling their carts with school supplies and clothes. Children worked from lists developed by their parents, carefully crossing off each item as they placed it into the shopping cart.Each child had a $100 Target GiftCard with which to pay for his/her purchases. Chaperones helped children with their shopping decisions and kept track of how much money was being spent and on what. When the children finished shopping, Target employees treated them to refreshments and snacks.Cardinal Fitness also assisted with providing school supplies to needy children by holding its first annual school supply drive to benefit The Salvation Army.Cardinal Fitness members at 42 Illinois clubs and 3 clubs in Indiana donated boxes of school supplies, which were distributed to children served by 21 Salvation Army Corps community centers in the two states.View Photo Gallery

How to Help a Young Child Get Ready for School

schoolKidsStarting a new school year can be stressful for children of all ages, but especially for the very young. There are things parents can do, however, to help ease a child’s transition from a carefree summer to a structured school-day, including:

  • Implementing a school-year sleeping schedule before the school starts, so that the child gets used to going to bed earlier than during the summer and getting up at a designated time
  • Building excitement about the new school year by talking with the child about the new things he/she will learn in school and about the new children she/he will meet.
  • Talking with the child about any concerns he/she might have about going to school.
  • Visiting the school to introduce the child to his/her new classroom and teacher.
  • Reassuring the child that if he/she needs you while in school, you will be there.