Join Us In The Fight Against Hunger

Can you guess what the number one request is from people who ask The Salvation Army for help?Groceries!  With the Illinois unemployment rate at 11.5 percent, getting enough food to eat is proving to be a daily struggle for many families. In Chicago and Cook County, more than 44 percent of households with children are in danger of not having enough to eat.You can join the fight against hunger by joining The Salvation Army’s online fundraising effort. Just go to and set up your very own virtual grocery bag. Invite friends and relatives to join your fundraising effort and watch as your virtual grocery  bag fills with each donation.Your donation will ensure that your neighbors won’t go hungry.  It’s time to give.Get involved  this year in one of these three  ways:1.  Raise money for hunger by using our user-friendly online fundraising tool. By participating online, these benefits are just a few clicks away:*  Keep all your supporters’ contact information in one place.*  Access e-mail templates to help you get started.*  Track the number of e-mail messages you have sent.*  Monitor your fundraising progress with a donation thermometer and chart.Sign up here:  Volunteer on June 4th at Thompson Plaza, in Downtown Chicago as a Donut Day tagger.  Visit our online volunteer database to sign up today.  Make an online donation to help in the fight against hunger.



The Night Shift

Around the middle 1940’s, my Dad became a Chicago Police Officer.  He often worked either the 4 to 12 shift or the midnight to 8 shift.  During the freezing Chicago nights if there was a fire or other emergency, The Salvation Army was often the only ones there with hot coffee and something to eat for the emergency workers.  My Dad is now deceased and every Christmas I send you a little check to thank you for your kindness to the Chicago Police and Fire Departments.Maureen Fuller BarnicleRiver Forest, IlThe Salvation Army has provided service in the Chicagoland area  for 125 years. Help us celebrate by emailing us one of your memories, have fun by including  pictures or videos.Click here to view more stories

Salvation Army Earthquake Assistance in High Gear in Haiti

Salvation Army Earthquake Assistance in High Gear in HaitiTwo and a half months after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, The Salvation Army is hard at work providing food, water and medical services to victims of the January 12 earthquake.To date, the Army has completed 16 flights to the quake-ravaged capital city of Port-au-Prince, delivering 1.35 million pounds of cargo.Disaster assistance provided includes:

  • Meals: more than 4.8 million
  • Baby food: 83,500 jars
  • Water: 500,000 gallons
  • Tens: 3,560 individual and two MASH-type
  • Hygiene kits: 4,680 Patients served: more than 23,300
  • Patients served: more than 23,300

Salvation Army Metropolitan Division donors responded generously to appeals for Haiti, donating $658,000 to help earthquake victims.The emergency phase for The Salvation Army in Haiti is expected to last for another six to nine months. During this time The Salvation Army will continue to care for 20,000 displaced people who are living in cramped camp conditions on a soccer field in Port-au-Prince. Emergency assistance also will be ongoing to those who were adversely affected in Jacmel and Petit Goave.The Salvation Army has had a presence in Haiti since 1950, operating 46 schools, five clinics and children’s homes, and 62 worship and community centers. Some of these facilities were destroyed or badly damaged by the earthquake, and will be rebuilt.The Salvation Army is committed to standing by the Haitian people as they move into the future.