Client Relies on Faith and Time to Beat Addiction

Rachel White is a professional lyric dancer, a culinary student, a daughter, and a recovering alcoholic.

By all accounts, White was a typical suburban teenager. She grew up in the Kansas City area and lived a very stable life. “I never got into trouble as a teenager,” White said. “I did well in school and never really had a problem.”

After school, White made her way to New York to be a professional dancer. She also worked as a waitress and would routinely go out with her co-workers after hours. “I felt more comfortable hanging out with them after I had a drink,” White said. “And soon I needed a few drinks to get through the night.” Drinking became a regular part of White’s day, and eventually she would drink almost a full bottle of vodka a day. “I would fill up a water or Sprite bottle and walk around drinking all day.  Nobody knew.”

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Ready, Set, Camp!

Captains Michael and Kristina Sjogren have served as the Divisional Youth Secretaries for the Metropolitan Division since 2013. Prior to being Divisional Youth Secretaries, they served as the corps officers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This July, the Sjogrens become the corps officers of the Norridge Citadel Corps in Norridge, Illinois. Captain Michael has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Ministry. Captain Kristina has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Teaching and Leadership.

“Ready, Set, GO!” is a phrase that many children will have the chance to hear this summer at The Salvation Army’s Wonderland Camp in Camp Lake, Wisconsin.

Wonderland Camp hosts children (ages 7-18) from Chicago and surrounding areas throughout the months of June, July and August for several different camping experiences including Sports Camp, Music Camp, Teen Camp, Character Building Camp, Bible Life and Gospel Arts Camp, and High Adventure Camp. Campers can try out high ropes, rock wall, zip line, archery, boating, swimming, sports, music instruction, Bible classes, etc.

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Fatherhood in Action Helps Men Create Stronger Bonds with Children

Robert Agnoli, domestic violence program coordinator and Fatherhood in Action program manager for The Salvation Army, is a licensed clinical social worker and certified partner abuse intervention professional with more than 25 years providing counseling to individuals and families. He developed a program to address men’s use of violence towards women partners. He serves on several Illinois task forces to address domestic violence. Continue reading “Fatherhood in Action Helps Men Create Stronger Bonds with Children”

Without School, Some Children Go Hungry

For children everywhere the end of school means the start of summer. A chance to hang out with friends, go swimming or do nothing at all. It’s usually a time of great joy. But for some children from low-income families, the end of the school year means saying goodbye to school feeding programs which provide them with at least one solid meal a day. In fact, according to a recent study, only 15 percent of children from low-income families in Illinois receive summer meals. Continue reading “Without School, Some Children Go Hungry”