Acting on Your Faith During Lent

Lent is a time when Christians reflect on the meaning of sacrifice. For 40 days, many people give up sweets, carbs, alcohol or other “extras” to practice understanding deprivation and to strengthen / renew their faith.

If you participate in Lent, consider also reflecting on how others suffer from deprivation of some things that we may take for granted; the family with no permanent home, the man struggling with sobriety, the woman worried she may not be able to afford groceries this week. You may be inspired to add an act of compassion and generosity during your Lenten practice.

If you’d like to restore hope for the hopeless during the next 40 days, here are some simple ways to help The Salvation Army do the most good for those who need it the most.

Give up 40 items (one for each day of Lent). Items donated to The Salvation Army and sold in our Family Stores support programs that help people overcome addiction. Visit the website to find a location near you or arrange a pick up.

Donate $40. Your support may help provide one month of diapers to four moms in need or buy a guitar case for a child in the Let the Music Begin program.

Volunteer 40 hours of your time with The Salvation Army. Your service to others could include supporting homeless outreach, music education, child care, facility beautification, office support, and more.

Assemble 40 hygiene kits to be distributed to homeless families and individuals throughout Chicago.

Tell 40 of your friends about The Salvation Army’s programs and services that help our most vulnerable neighbors. (Click the link in red, or use any of the social buttons below!)

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