Breakfast with Baby Provides Diapers for Parents in Need

A package of diapers can make a difference to a parent already struggling to make ends meet. In fact, one in three moms will be forced to choose between buying food for her family or diapers for the baby. Do you know which one she will choose? She’ll buy diapers. Can you guess why? It’s because nearly every community has at least one church or organization that distributes food regularly. But finding free diapers? That is more difficult.

Breakfast with Baby - Helping Families In Need with the Basics

Think a $15 package of diapers can’t make a difference? A woman narrowly escaped arrest for shoplifting diapers in Maryland recently. A viral video making the rounds on the internet shows a police officer purchasing these diapers and giving them to her instead of cuffing her. Closer to home, a woman in Des Plaines was arrested for stealing small bottles of formula. She might have also needed diapers. If I could get in touch with her, I could tell her that Breakfast with Baby program through The Salvation Army Des Plaines Corps Community Center could help.

Each year the Breakfast with Baby program distributes between 36,000 – 45,000 diapers. The program offers more than just diapers. We invite the parents to sit down with us and their families for a hot breakfast. Afterwards, parents can pick out free gently-used baby clothes, toys, strollers, knitted items, blankets, whatever we have on hand. And, of course, receive a package of diapers for each eligible child.

While the parents are shopping, their toddlers are invited to sing and play in a supervised toddler room. Juniors have a class which keeps them occupied with stories and crafts.

Ask yourself the next time you see a pregnant woman or one with a tiny baby if she is one of the three who will have to choose between food and diapers. Then remember that Breakfast with Baby is trying to meet that need. You can help.

September 25 – October 1, 2017 is National Diaper Need Awareness Week.

Here are some ways you can support this program:

  • Donate diapers online through The Salvation Army catalog.
  • Host a Diaper Drive!
  • Consider having your church host its own Breakfast with Baby program. We would be happy for you to volunteer or train with us. To date, three area churches have taken up the challenge of providing diapers.
  • Volunteer one Saturday morning a month at Breakfast with Baby. We need volunteers to help serve breakfast, wipe down highchairs, or hand out diapers.
  • Add Breakfast with Baby to your prayer list.

For more information on Breakfast with Baby, visit our website.

This Guest Blog post has been provided by Cheryl Hagedorn. Hagedorn is the Director of the Breakfast with Baby program, and one of several volunteers who helped start the program several years ago. Hagedorn holds a bachelor’s degree in pastoral theology and a master’s degree in writing.

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