Employees of Ernst & Young Volunteer at Two Salvation Army Facilities

Thanks to the employees and interns from Ernst & Young who put their muscles and creativity to work at a volunteer event on June 23rd.

The group cleaned up the area around the front entry of Chicago Temple, creating an attractive entrance. They also designed, painted and built planters out of cinder blocks, planting a colorful array of flowers to brighten the front of both Chicago Temple and Booth Manor Senior Residence.

Special thanks to Andrew for his help in getting the group together!

Residents of Booth Manor helped Ernst & Young employees and interns in designing a planter for their building. Cinder blocks were painted and then put into a multi-level planter. For the finishing touch, colorful flowers were planted and the residents of Booth now have a beautiful garden that they can tend during the summer.

Thanks to Ann and George for their help in making the planter!

If you are interested in volunteering, visit www.salarmychicago.org/volunteer.

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