I Was Just Numb


As a young teen, Angie was tired of moving from shelter to shelter with her family. So she ran away and lived on the streets.

A man offered her a roof over her head, food, and clothes. But there was a catch: She had to work on the streets for him as a prostitute. Before long, she says, “I was just numb. You do what you need to do to survive.”

When Angie got pregnant, she decided to escape. But breaking away from a controlling pimp isn’t easy. She was terrified people would come looking for her and hurt her child.

Angie turned to The Salvation Army, where she was connected with the STOP-IT anti-trafficking program. STOP-IT provides services to victims including safety planning, finding housing, medical care, education and job training, transportation, and most important, unconditional love. Angie says, “The caseworkers are nonjudgmental and have my back.”

Angie is now in stable housing. One child is in school, and another is on the way. She is completing her GED and, thanks to friends like you, she has high hopes for the future.


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  1. It sickens me the way young women and young men of any age, race, color etc. are treated by the mean, sometimes uncaring streets of Chicago,Illinois My brother knew too well,of those mean Chicago streets. He was homeless several times in his short life,a combination of mental illness, coupled with alcoholism and several nervous breakdowns. I thank God he is finally at peace.

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