I Still Had Hopes and Dreams

Story-2-Hopes-and-Dreams-200x200pxWhen I got pregnant at the age of 17, I knew my future just got more difficult. My baby’s father wasn’t in the picture, but I still had hopes and dreams for myself.

Things got even harder when my mother was incarcerated, leaving just me, my 13-year-old sister, and my unborn baby. We were essentially homeless, until we ended up moving in with my grandparents.

I decided to enroll at Simpson Academy, the only public school for pregnant girls and teen mothers in Illinois. The school has a graduation rate of more than 90 percent, so I knew I’d get a good education and, hopefully, go on to college. 

Once I had my baby, I didn’t want to burden my grandparents with taking care of her. So it was great to learn that Simpson has a childcare program, run by The Salvation Army. Now, when I go to school, I can leave my baby with them, right across the street from Simpson.

The family atmosphere at Simpson is fantastic, and The Salvation Army workers are just wonderful with my little girl. Because of them, I’m on track to finish school while also working a part-time job. And I’m still planning to go to college.

These things wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for Simpson and The Salvation Army. Because of them, and because of your compassion, I am able to stay on track, pursue my dreams, take care of my little sister, and be a good mom, all at once.


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