The Salvation Army Prevents Homelessness and Provides a Path of Hope for Clients


For nearly a century, The Salvation Army has worked to combat homelessness – providing safe and warm shelter for those who found themselves sleeping in their cars, under bridges or moving from home to home.

In 2013, Evangeline Booth Lodge provided more than 2,500 men, women and children with lodging, food, clothing and a path to permanent housing and stability.

The Army is also working with those in crisis to prevent homelessness. Clients can receive emergency assistance with rent or mortgage payments, food, utilities, prescriptions and other bills to help them remain in their homes.

Antoinette Chambers-Currin and her family were behind on their rent and on the brink of eviction. She reached out to The Salvation Army for assistance with clothing and food, but found a larger support network ready to help her.


She enrolled in the Pathway of Hope program, designed to break the cycle of poverty and move families from a state of dependence to independence. She and her children receive intensive counseling, life skills training and a combination of services that match their individual needs. The children are also active in programs at Temple Corps Community Center.

“The Salvation Army keeps me from being in the dark, from being cold,” Chambers-Currin said. “They helped us keep a roof over our heads and food in our house.”

The Salvation Army has worked with Chambers-Currin to identify the barriers to self-sufficiency and develop ways to move beyond them in her path to independence.


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