The Salvation Army Gift Catalog – Giving Tuesday


Many of us have the joy of celebrating the holidays in abundance and the warmth of home. We sit in front of a table full of food and sit around a bright Christmas tree with an overflow of gifts for the little ones and ourselves. And it feels good.

However, many people don’t have this.

In fact, more than 14,000 people are homeless right now in Illinois alone. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center reported 363 calls related to Human Trafficking from January to June, 2013 in Illinois. Dozens of families have lost their homes due to a natural disaster in Illinois. Children are victims of domestic abuse and they know no different.

And yet, we forget. We do nothing. And people suffer.

So, what do we do, you ask? We take small steps. We pause and pray. Then we act.

The Salvation Army has been in the business of serving people for more than a century in Chicago. We fight the very same things you care for. We feed people. We shelter them. We protect them. And we love them.

And so can you.

This holiday, any small (or large) contribution of your time and money is fundamental. In fact, we have created an Online Gift Catalog where you can “purchase” a gift where there is the most need. Just visit and select the gift of your preference. From buying a “tutoring program” helping at-risk children to blessing a family with a special Christmas, you can let people know you care for them.

So, please don’t forget and give generously this year. You will change the life of someone important.

Thank you.

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