The Salvation Army Gift Catalog


You know giving generously is hard. Even more so when you have to care after your own family.

Can you imagine how much harder it is for a struggling family? Or for a single mom that can hardly afford to feed her children or give them even one little toy during the holidays?

Yes, it is hard but there is hope.

The Salvation Army has been helping individuals and families in the Chicago area for more than a century. All thanks to your financial partnership and the faithfulness of countless volunteers. This year, we have created an Online Gift Catalog for your convenience to generously give to someone in need.

It is very simple. When you visit, you are prompted to various gift options to impact the lives of many.  From buying a “tutoring program” helping at-risk children to blessing a family with a special Christmas, you can let people know you care for them.

So, please don’t forget, your gift will change the life of someone important.

Thank you.

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