The Salvation Army Responds to Chicago Area Flooding

In the early morning hours of April 18, thousands of families across Chicago and its suburbs awoke to find their neighborhoods and homes flooded. During the night and into the morning, massive storms dumped between five and 10 inches of rain throughout Illinois, causing rivers, streams and ponds to overflow their banks and wreak havoc. The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division leapt into service, immediately dispatching six canteens to provide food and drinks to evacuees and emergency responders in throughout the greater Chicagoland area. All told, The Salvation Army provided 1,435 meals, 1,952 snacks and 2,483 beverages. The Army also assisted with sandbags in Aurora and Algonquin.

During the following weeks, The Emergency Disaster Services department created and distributed more than 4,000 flood clean-up kits to residents in need; in some cases going door to door for those who could not leave their homes. The Salvation Army understands that many neighbors lack adequate resources to sustain them through this catastrophe, so the organization stands ready to determine critical needs and identify assistance that will help carry the neighbors through. The Army will continue to provide long-term recovery assistance to help the local communities affected by the floods.

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