Y103.9 Radio Loves Our Seniors

This Valentine’s Day, Show a Senior You Care
by Supporting the Golden Diners Program


During the month of February, Y103.9 Radio is inviting listeners to “Show a senior you care” by making a donation to The Salvation Army’s Golden Diners program.

A donation of $35 buys a whole week’s worth of hot meals delivered to a low-income, homebound senior; $70 buys two-weeks of meals; and $140 buys hot meals for an entire month.

For every gift of $35 or more, a flower and a personal message from you will be delivered with the meal. Flowers are being donated courtesy of Countryside Flower Shop in Crystal Lake.

“This program is truly a lifeline for many frail elderly who cannot prepare regular meals for themselves,” says Golden Diner’s program director major Ken Nicolai.  “Poverty and isolation increase their risk of malnutrition, which can lead to life-threatening health problems.  Many low-income seniors skip meals to cover the cost of bills, prescriptions and household expenses.”

Each year, more than 4,000 seniors in Kane and McHenry counties are served by the program.  Golden Diners delivers more than 1,000 meals every day.  Homebound seniors receive a friendly visit and a hot, nutritious meal delivered by The Salvation Army.  The visit also serves as a daily wellness check.  Low-income seniors who are able to travel can enjoy a chance to socialize over a hot, nutritious meal at one of 10 Golden Diner locations for congregant.   Meals are free for low-income seniors who qualify.  Others are encouraged to make a suggested donation of $3.50, about half of the cost for the meal.  All eligible seniors can receive a meal, regardless of their ability to contribute.

Months of delayed state payments, combined with decreases in federal funding in recent years, has put increased pressure on the Golden Diners program to meet the needs of a growing population of seniors.   State funding makes up about 45 percent of the necessary funds for Golden Diners.

The program is increasingly dependent on public donations to survive.  Funding is also provided by local townships and the United Way.

“It’s important to remember that not all seniors have family living nearby who can care for them, or who can afford preparing and delivering regular meals while struggling to meet their own household expenses,” Nicolai says.  “These could be our parents, our grandparents or even ourselves one day.  We owe it to the seniors in our community to care enough to make sure their basic needs are met and that they see a friendly face at least once a day.”

Show a Senior You Care this Valentine’s Day.  Click here to join Y103.9 in supporting the Golden Diners program or call 630-232-6689.

Visit the Golden Diners website to learn more information.

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