Generous Donors Give More Than $12 Million to Local Red Kettle Campaign

Chicagoans, their suburban neighbors and people throughout the broader Northeastern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana region responded to record levels of need this holiday season by donating generously to The Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign.  Donations to the Red Kettle campaign totaled $12.1 million.  Red kettles were on streets and in shopping centers from November 19 through December 24, with major gifts and donations to on-line kettles continuing through January 31.

More than $2.6 million was dropped into area red kettles, and an additional $218,000 was donated on-line to virtual red kettles. The remainder was received in the form of major gifts and donations made directly to the campaign or via mail.

“We are so very thankful for the generosity Chicagoans have shown for their neighbors in need this holiday season,” said Lt. Col. Ralph Bukiewicz, Divisional Commander of the Metropolitan Division of The Salvation Army, “The people of our communities reached deep, often making sacrifices themselves, in order to bring joy and practical assistance to many people in need, and these donations will help us serve families, children, seniors, homeless and respond to disaster situations through the remainder of 2012.”

Though the campaign amount of $12.1 million fell short of The Salvation Army’s $13 million fundraising goal, it represented the second highest amount ever raised in the history of the Red Kettle campaign in Chicagoland.

A record number of 36 gold coins and hundreds of other precious coins were dropped in red kettles across a broad geographic area, from Waukegan to Naperville to South Holland – valuing nearly $30,000.

In 2011, gifts to the Red Kettle funds helped The Salvation Army’s Metropolitan Division assist 51,000 disaster victims, serve 1.5 million meals to the hungry, serve 2,900 homeless, provide 18,000 people with counseling and 28,000 care days to low-income children.  The Salvation Army’s Metropolitan Division delivered more than 24,000 food baskets, 149,000 toys and 55,000 articles of clothing during the 2011 Christmas season.

“We hope the spirit of giving continues to reside in people’s’ hearts beyond the holidays,” Bukiewicz said.   “Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, more than 100,000 of our neighbors in need were blessed with meals, toys, coats and clothing that brightened their holidays.”

“And far beyond the Christmas season, The Salvation Army will be there providing emergency assistance to families on the verge of losing their homes, shelter for the homeless, job training for the jobless, rehabilitation for people struggling with drug or alcohol, and so much more.  These are the kinds of long-term support and assistance that the Salvation Army provides to help people transform their lives.”

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  1. We would like to know why in the world , after so many give so much to The Salvation Army , The Salvation Army – Eastern Territorial Division – Adult Rehabilitation Center located down in Springfield , Illinois , would severely injure one of their beneficiaries in the rehabilitation program , then hire James Ford of Brenner,Ford,Monroe & Scott Law Firm on Dearborn Ave. in Chicago , Il to Defend & Deny Medical Expenses totalling roughly $60,000.00 to an injured Beneficiary of this Not-For-Profit Organization when in fact nothing but advertising after advertising the total Dollar Amounts in Monetary Donations have been given by those who truly believe in The Salvation Army. This Personal Injury case is now in the Appellate Court in Sprengfield , Il. When they just settled with another severely injured Beneficiary named Curtis Coburn of Lake County , Illinois for a Settlement Amoutn of $4.75 MILLION DOLLARS ? Please feel free to comment to this unjust situation ! And another Beneficiary denied due medical expenses in a Cook County Case of Johnson v. The Salvation Army . What is the exact purpose of opening and running the adult rehabilitation center when so many men and women are injured due to negligence on the part of the Administrators and employees at each Division .

    1. Hello, we take these issues seriously and have contacted the Salvation Army’s Heartland Division. They are responsible for Springfield, Illinois. Someone from that office will be contacting you.

  2. Why Yes you do take these issues seriously … Although you say that the Salvation Army’s Heartland Division , Springfield , Illinois HAVE BEEN CONTACTED :

    Noo Someone From That Office Contacted Me. Actually , you just forwarded your petty interst to your Attorney Mr. James W. Ford of Chicago , Illinois. The Salvation Army , Central Territory Headquarters , involved in the Gross Negligence Personal Injury Lawsuit in the Appellate Court of Illinois ., so you are still avoiding the issue of taking responsibility for the Very Serious Injuries to your ” BENEFICIARY ” Of your Adult Rehabilitation Center , That you require assistance of the Springfield Illinois and Surrounding Communities regarding Monetary Donations and Such so that you can Proceed with the Completion and Re-Building of the old Horace Mann Building that the Salvation Army is Purchasing , along with certain TIF Funding from Springfield , Illinois , Along with State / Federal Disability , Retirement as Such , Governmental Checks that you recieve from certain Beneficiaries each month , As The Salvation Army Administration of this Facility keeps, Cashes and Deposits into a Special Account , then gives a mere 25 % of this check to the Beneficiary , and also applies for , recieves , then deducts the roughly $200.00 each month into another account the Illinois Food Stamp – LINK CARD Food Allowance that is required of each and every Beneficiary that enrolls into this Illinois Charitible , Educational , Religious , & Spiritual Rehabilitation Facility that provides FREE SHELTER < FREE HOUSING FREE FOOD !!!!!

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