Angel Tree Program

Most of us look forward to receiving gifts over the holidays. Children, especially, dream about the wonderful things they hope to find under the tree on Christmas morning. Unfortunately, many children in the Metro Chicago area won’t even have a Christmas tree, much less any presents to open.That’s where The Salvation Army comes in. Through the Angel Tree program, gifts are provided to children in need who would otherwise be left out on Christmas.HOW YOU CAN HELPFrom October 1st – December 19th, bring an unwrapped gift to your nearest Salvation Army location, and make Christmas brighter for a child. For more program information, select here.

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  1. can u please let me know when u can sign up to receive gifts for christmas for ur children from the angel tree….thanks in advance.

  2. I have a disabled son who is 11, his name is ricky. He has cerabal paulsy. Both his father and I were laid off this year and we really need some help giving Ricky a nice christmas. I am hoping our family might get adopted this year for christmas. Thanks alot for any info. on getting help in this matter. God bless and happy holidays to everyone.

  3. I am hoping to get help this christmas for my son Ricky who is 11, and has cerebal paulsy. My husband and I were both laid off this year and I am trying to get some help so we can have a nice christmas even with our financial problems. Thank you for any info. or help in this matter, God bless, and Happy Holidays to everyone.

  4. is there any way to still get signed up for angel tree or try to get gifts i have a 11 yr old and 13 yr old i didn’t know how or when sign up was and i really need help getting gift this yr for my boys. some mess up have been done with paper work and i won’t be getting paid in time for the holidays and it is so gonna ruinn my kid christmas. is they anyway i can get help

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