Christmas Eve

Back in 1946, my mother and father divorced and my mother and six of us children moved to Arkansas, 600 miles away. We had absolutely nothing — few clothes, never quite enough food, no toys.One day in 1947, when I was nine and the oldest of the six, the youngest was about 2-years-old, we children waited in the car while mother talked to a merchant about work. A man came over to talk to us (we must have been a pitiful sight!) and managed to get out of us where we lived.A few days later, it was Christmas Eve, three men came to the door carrying boxes. Inside was food we had never before tasted, such as oranges, also new clothes not hand-me-downs, and a doll. Since my youngest sister had never had a doll, she got it; besides who can argue with a 2-year-old?I can tell you we children were just overwhelmed. We had not heard of “The Salvation Army” before then, and did not think about the Army for a whole lot time afterwards while we were growing up. Then one day, when my wife and I decided to change churches, we discovered the local Salvation Army, via Major Pat McPherson.Now it is we who help others and I know just how those men from so long ago must have felt when they visited us Christmas Eve bearing gifts.Submitted by Paul PlastersThe Salvation Army has provided service in the Chicagoland area  for 125 years. Help us celebrate by emailing us one of your memories, have fun by including  pictures or videos.Click here to view more stories

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