How to Help a Young Child Get Ready for School

schoolKidsStarting a new school year can be stressful for children of all ages, but especially for the very young. There are things parents can do, however, to help ease a child’s transition from a carefree summer to a structured school-day, including:

  • Implementing a school-year sleeping schedule before the school starts, so that the child gets used to going to bed earlier than during the summer and getting up at a designated time
  • Building excitement about the new school year by talking with the child about the new things he/she will learn in school and about the new children she/he will meet.
  • Talking with the child about any concerns he/she might have about going to school.
  • Visiting the school to introduce the child to his/her new classroom and teacher.
  • Reassuring the child that if he/she needs you while in school, you will be there.
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