About Us

board of advisors

More than forty-three community-minded volunteers are working with The Salvation Army as members and representatives of The Salvation Army Chicago Advisory Board.  They help to carry out its religious and charitable program in the community.

These board members perform a unique service to the community. They function in an advisory capacity to The Salvation Army, assisting the Army in its delivery of services to the less fortunate of the City of Chicago.

Executive Council

Harry Dolan
Board Chairman

Ernest R. Sawyer
Board Vice Chairman

J. Scott Sindelar
Board Treasurer

Michael Karpeles
Board Secretary

Chris M. Kolber
Immediate Past Chair

Thomas Amberg
Carolyn Boyle
Dr. Jim W. Croft
James (Jim) Devine
Mary E. Herman
Robert Maganuco
James D. Pajakowski
Paul Rigby
Roxanne Warble
David Williams

Bruce Williamson

Clarke Michalak - Junior Advisory Board




2012 Board Members

  • Daniel L. Alvarado
  • Thomas L. Amberg
  • Dr. Eric M. Barnes
  • Robert Beilfuss
  • Abel E. Berland
  • Winnie Bixby
  • Carolyn Boyle
  • Terry Brazier
  • Kevin Clifton
  • Peter Coolsen
  • J.W. Croft, Ph.D
  • Pat Davidson
  • Theodore E. Desch
  • Bill Dempsey
  • Harry Dolan
  • Clifford C. Hagedorn
  • Dean Hara
  • Patricia A. Hemingway Hall
  • Mary E. Herman
  • Michael D. Karpeles
  • Chris M. Kolber
  • Lamarr Lark, Sr.
  • Stewart Lumsden
  • Robert J. Maganuco
  • Helen Meier
  • Howard D. Murphy
  • Arthur Murray
  • William D. North
  • Commissioner Raymond Orozco
  • James Pajakowski
  • Steve Peterson
  • Paul E. Rigby
  • Wylie Robinson
  • Charles E. Saul, Jr. (Ted)
  • Ernest R. Sawyer
  • Thom M. Serafin
  • Scott Sindelar
  • Steven Smith
  • Eric Tech
  • Audrey R. Walker
  • David K. Waltz
  • Roxanne M. Warble
  • Superintendent Jody P. Weis
  • Richard Weiss
  • Lloyd A. Wennlund
  • David P. Williams
  • John Williams
  • Bruce Williamson